Socks n Sandwiches from Lisa Carter.

Hello everyone! This episode's guest is Lisa Carter.  She is currently the Secretary of the Collins-Ashworth Foundation non-profit/charity and she will be sharing her experiences, explaining the Socks n Sandwiches Campaign for the homeless.  

You will find links in the description that we mention in the show:

Collins-Ashworth Foundation:  Socks n Sandwiches:     Sock n Sandwiches

Body of Christ Facebook: Body of Christ

Collins-Ashworth Foundation:  Collins-Ashworth Foundation $100K Challenge

Donate directly to Colliins-Ashworth Foundation: DONATE NOW!



On Air Talent: Ron Collins as Reverend Ron

Original Music Written by Ron Collins & AVY

 Performed by Ron Collins

Todays Guest:  Lisa Carter- Secretary Collins-Ashworth Foundation, ACTIVISTS


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